THE LATE SHOW - Portable Pop

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Made John Borack's Top200 Power Pop albums of all-time from his 2007 "Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide". Originally released in 1979 and even the most ardent power pop fan years ago did not know about it until it appeared in Borack's room. It was THAT much under the radar.

"An obscure gem that really does deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as such power pop greats as 20/20 and The Records. This is power pop with a Midwestern bent and lead vocals that recall Pezband (who, of course, sounded like the Raspberries). Pure pop perfection throughout..This is for sure one of power pop's best-kept secrets and most appropriate record titles but also, unfortunately, a very hard to find gem released in 1980 on a small label called "Rave". "Portable Pop" includes 12 melodic nuggets that rank among the very best of the power pop genre. Songs like "Take A Chance", "Hey Sue", "Protect Your Love", "A Matter Of Time",... are just what you need if you are in pursuit of pop happiness with a slight tinge of melancholy. Not only will you carry around in your head wonderful midtempo ballads and faster-paced power pop numbers but they will be associated and imprinted on your mind with such girls' names as Sue, Judy, Mary Anne... which make them easier to remember as you hum the tunes over and over and begin to feel ever so happy. Do not miss out on this treasure trove of awesome melodies if you chance to come across it in your quest for power pop's all time greats."