THE KINKS - Set of 13 CDs

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Okay...this is a big set of THIRTEEN cds. 13, from CD reissues from 3 different labels. Details all below. Only sold as a set here, sorry.

(if you are from out of the US, sorry the postage is stupidly high but can't be might not make sense for you....)

From the 1998 UK Castle reissues all of which contained amazing liner notes, bonus trax, restored packaging and remastering"

"Kontroversy" (w/ 4 bonus)

"Face to Face" (w/ 7 bonus)

"Live at Kelvin Hall" (w/ both mono and stereo versions)

"Arthur" ( w/ mono, stereo and unreleased, 12 total)

"Percy" (w/ 5 bonus)

"Kinks" (w/ 11 bonus)

"Kinks Part 1: Lola Versus Powerman.." (/w 3 bonus)

"Village Green Preservation" (w/ stereo bonuses)

"Kinda Kinks" (11 bonus)

"Something Else" (w/ 8 bonus)


Sleepwalker (w/ 5 bonus)

"Soap Opera" (w/ 4 bonus)

"Schoolboys in Disgrace" (no bonuses)