THE KATIES - The Katies

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Fromm 1999, a totally overlooked major label power pop band that were veterans but only managed one album- and it was a very, very good one. takes the best elements of melodic hard rock and alternative pop to create an arresting debut. Melding the sonic punch of bands like Stone Temple Pilots and the pop sense of the Beatles, their first release, produced by Joe Baldridge, is an infectious brew. Lead singer Jason Moore possesses the same pop-perfect vocals of Robin Zander and the music manages to sound both raw and polished at the same time. "Powerkiss," the leadoff track, is the first of many memorable cuts with its "do I, do I, do I need you" hook. The single "Noggin' Poundin' (Tongue-Tied & Underspoken)" is a sheer sonic delight with its chugging riffs and buzz-saw guitars. The less frenetic numbers are also a flat-out success. "Shisiedo" features a dreamy, lovelorn lyric delivered by Moore with urgency, and "Jesus Pick" combines the moody, spacey feel with wry lyrics advising Jesus against returning to create a tour-de-force. An inspired and significant release made more impressive by the fact that it's the Katies' first album." - AMG