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"Keen listeners may hear subtle country-rock shades of The Byrds, Moby Grape, Buffalo Springfield, and other exponents of that shimmering, jangly electric guitar sound. And The Junior League manages that without the slightest whiff of retro-mindedness....Adragna’s top-notch songwriting and arrangement sometimes recall the very best of 80s rock, as on the hypnotically alluring “On/Off.” Often making evocative use of vocal crosstalk and countermelodies within the context of pop songs, several “Also Rans” tunes evoke memories of very early R.E.M., albeit with a much stronger pop sensibility. Easily a choice for one of my Best-of-2015 albums releases." - MusoScribe

"A stimulating listen from pillar to post, Also Rans reins in as a power-popping prize, fringed with roots-rock instincts. Assured vocals, blooming with lucidity, conduct the show — while the songs are sharply-constructed and executed with expression and enthusiasm. The performances are smooth enough to warrant accessibility, yet flashes of punk-like energy often sashay through the matter, resulting in no absence of thrilling loops and spirals...Each and every song on Also Rans consists of wildly catchy openers and closers, prompting the album to be a thoroughly realized set of songs that move from strength to strength with unbelievable ease. If you’re on a tight budget and can only afford one record, the Junior League’s latest is the one to buy!" - Something Else