THE HOLLIES - 30th Anniversary Collection (3 CDs)

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3 CDs . Rare and fairly comprehensive collection of 3 CDs with lots of unreleased.

"4 1/2 stars. This three-CD, 57-track box set does a good if imperfect job of encapsulating the legacy of one of the British Invasion's better bands. This includes all of the Hollies' singles, A- and B-sides, from the '60s, as well as five previously unreleased tunes. The hits -- "I'm Alive," "Bus Stop," "On a Carousel," and others -- contain some of the finest beat harmonizing not done by the Beatles. The B-sides -- many of them originals, some of them never before available in the United States -- are often nearly equal in quality to the classic material. The compilation wisely touches upon only the essentials of their post-1970 singles ("Long Cool Woman" and "The Air That I Breathe"), and unwisely closes with three forgettable tracks from the early '90s. Don't be misled, however, that this box contains all of their best material -- their early albums, though inconsistent, featured a fair number of strong original tunes which remain little known beyond collector circles. It's a good set, with an excellent booklet and thoroughly annotated discography, but not definitive."- AMG