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What I wrote back on Not Lame back in 2006: 2006 release from the amazing, the fabulous, the wildly important, The Figgs! Why? Because this is just earnestly, unpretentious, righteous power pop the blends some`ll hear early Graham Parker, Mick Talyor-era Stones and Not Lame`s own Virginia Sisters! Like a more garage version of Sloan! Imagine power pop done pub-style by three guys who not only know the history of rock `n roll but are passionate about every note they play and love what they do. That is "The Figgs". The Figgs recorded this in their own basement, live to tape in front of about 50-60 friends `n fans. The sound is excellent, warm and studio-like and the band play right `n tight. About the Figgs: ""They embrace an abundance of rock staples -- from leaping up on the monitors for slightly distorted guitar solos to two guys singing on one microphone -- that embody an elemental essence of rock. The Figgs` music also skims along the surface of rock history, unwilling to fit a niche beyond a semi-generic "rock." Its saving grace is that the band executes these songs so perfectly and with so much pure emotion that one can`t help but be enthralled with such mastery of the pop form. "-PopMatters. Big Time Extremely Highly Recommended!