THE FAVORITES - Bright Nights, Bright Lights

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What I wrote back in 2008:

A few years back, they decided to get back together and we now have the exciting proper full length debut from the band! Bright Nights, Bright Lights is an album stuffed to the brim with head-bopping pop hooks. It`s an album suited for throwing the top down on your convertible and driving to the beach, the perfect record to toss on the iPod for a party.

"Straight outta Houston come The Favorites, who may soon be yours after crafting one of the brightest discs of 2008 with Bright Nights, Bright Lights. They remind me quite a bit of The Meadows (more their first album that the new one), The Gin Blossoms, The Rembrandts, and to some extent a less smart-assed Fountains of Wayne or an Americanized The Feeling. "Something That You`re Missing" and "In Case You`re Wondering" are a great 1-2 punch to open the disc that immediately let you know what kind of sound you`re in for: hooky, upbeat and hard to shake from your head. "Hope In The Sky" throws in some tasteful synths and rocks harder than the first two - it`s more Waltham than The Gin Blossoms. "I`ve Got a Feeling" (not a Beatles cover) is heartland rock a la Tom Petty, and the lovely "Golden Like The Fall" shows that The Favorites know their way around the slower numbers as well. This is one of those discs that will jump right out of the speakers at you, and one I can see slotting into my Top 20 or better come year`s end." - Absolute Power Pop blog. BIG Thumbs Up Here!