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Okay, this is a weird one. Original art work is included here but it's a CD-R inside of the album, not the CD original pressing. I'm not sure how that happened but there you go! As long as that works for, boy..the music is AMAZING.

Scott Bennett, from Brian Wilson's band, solo album. Came out in 2005 and I have to say..this one crushed me. To this day, I still think this is one of very, very best albums, quality wise, that ever came out on the Not Lame label.

Nice review on Amazon: "Scott Bennett is probably best known for his association with Brian Wilson-- playing any number of instruments and singing with him live. Bennett has released a pair of albums-- his first record, "The Earth's Sharp Edge", under his own name, and this album, under the name The Dotted Line.

Bennett's music, as one suspects, betrays a large Brian Wilson influence as well as a John Lennon one. But musically, it sounds closer to the work of Jeff Buckley-- a sort of glistening electric take on late '60s pop music. If you're looking for a modern rewrite of Beach Boys/Beatles classics, this isn't the place, Bennett has quite his own sound, washed in glistening distorted guitar lines, snake-like bass, and tight, dry harmonies. Vocally, Benentt's voice carries quite a nice range-- singing largely in a throaty tenor with a nice falsetto extension.

The best songs on the album are the ones where a nice sense of melancholy comes through without allowing any bitterness to sneak in-- opener "Unbelievable" (with the priceless line "when you said you needed space I didn't know it was for him") is a good example of this, but is one of many ("Temperamental Side", Beach Boys cover "I Know There's An Answer"). Bennett's strength IS delivering this sort of message without malice, but with a reflective light to it instead."