THE DONS - Dawn of the Dons

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FOUND 2 copies! Wow. Like Receiver, this is one of THE most overlooked albums on the Not Lame label for me and others. Found this info from back in 2001: "From Los Angeles, The Dons grabbed our attention at IPO 2001, when upon putting a CD of demos into our rental car, we were promptly blown away by the bands' ability to weave and mend gorgeous, infectious and sweet lilting pop melodies over silky-smooth guitars. Echoes of lots of Velvet Crush, early Posies and "Girlfriend"-era Matthew Sweet abound abundantly. The band's leader, Don Mogill, combines a (Paul) Chastain-esque upper register vocal with his ultra-melodic guitar style, while guitarist Ken West(Receiver) adds some of Teenage Fanclub inspirations inside all of the soulful splendidness. "Rarely does a debut album from a relatively unknown pop sounds as exciting, fresh and consistently melodic from start to finish as DOWN OF THE DONS. It rocks, rolls, shakes and pops with mucho elan, and

also happens to be bursting at the seams with great songs. Bugy three and make all the other kids on the block jealous"-Amplifier. The entire band is compelling in its energy for this material that is hard to not love with all
its magnificent sing-a-long choruses and pure pop sheen. The Dons have.
confidently arrived!"