THE ASHES(Kelly's Heels) - Scattered: A Compilation

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This was never released formally but The Ashes were the precursor of what would become Kelly's Heels, a great UK-based power pop band in the 00s led by Bob Kelly. Below are some reviews of that band, which give a good idea of what this comp from the Ashes sounds like. It's 21 tracks with nice art work but it's a CD-R I think because it was a 'rough' of what was hopefully going to come out but never did. So it's a unique, rare piece in that regard.

"Kelly`s Heels is doing some of the finest, most consistently listenable, Fab Four-inspired, power pop on the planet. " - NOT LAME

"Urgent guitars, sticky-sharp hooks and harmonies to die (or kill) for ... Kelly's quite the tunesmith, penning and singing memorable numbers like "Someone, Somewhere" (a bloody classic, this one), "Tell Me When It's Over" and "Should've Seen Her." No ballads to be found here, kids, just high-energy, killer pop toons. Remember: it's not retro, it's timeless. " Goldmine Magazine, Three Chord Bragreview

“Starting off with a juicy chunk of Beatlesesque, sticks-to-the roof-of-your-mouth jangle, Kelly's Heels lights a real fire under the bum of informed Brit pop. Like an injection of pure energy, these folk have captured a kinetic momentum that saturates all five senses. Absolutely glorious pop writing. “ - CD Baby