TERRY ANDERSON - More Smooth Jazz & Sweet Sweet James

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2011 release from the great, fabulific Terry Anderson! Terry Anderson has one of the noblest agendas in music. He just wants to rock and roll, folks. And that’s what he and his “team” do. Taking their cues from the likes of Rockpile, Faces, NRBQ, and all those bands that deserve to be on every jukebox coast-to-coast, Anderson and his Olympian band have mastered the art of making great music.

"Coming off like a cross between Exile On Main Street-era Stones and your favorite band at the local watering hole on a Saturday night, Terry Anderson and the boys play their brand of rock fast and loose and with some country-esque overtones. It’s a highly enjoyable brew that’ll have you singing – and probably drinking – along in no time flat." John Borack - Goldmine Magazine

"One thing’s for sure: Few evoke that glad-to-be-alive feeling in this listener as well as Terry Anderson and his Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team. These North Carolinians remind you why you fell in love with rock-and-roll in the first place. They don’t try to reinvent the music – thank goodness – they just distill it to its glorious essence. And not only do they continue to do that, but you’re holding in your hands the evidence that they are getting even better at it. How many rockers can you say that about? This is music that SHOULD be blasting from radios everywhere. In the meantime, we lucky fans are treated to another blast of the best medicine. As Terry puts it, again in “I’m Your Radio” – “I know what you want to hear.” Does he ever.

Nick Cristiano - The Philadelphia Inquirer"