TELEPATHIC BUTTERFLIES - 9 Songs (plus 3 bonus songs)

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VERY rare first release from this band in 2001. One small pressing on this one b/f they were signed by Rainbow Quartz.

"the band that became the Telepathic Butterflies worked in the chrysalis of their basement studio on and off between 1997 and 2000, emerging with 12 self-recorded and self-produced songs. Those songs finally saw the light of day as 2001’s Nine Songs, the title and cover art of which played off of J.D. Salinger’s collection of short stories, Nine Stories. Creating some very positive buzz, the band was picked up by the Rainbow Quartz label. Deciding to re-release the disc, the Telepathic Butterflies remixed the tracks for cleaner production, added four new songs, and returned to their original inspiration, Kurt Vonnegut, for both title and graphic design. They even emulated the classic cover art from Vonnegut’s Breakfast of Champions, from which the band took its name.

But it’s the music that sells the package. A post-punk explosion of the Kinks into the Pixies. The loud and raucous early days of XTC crammed into their latter-day Dukes of Stratosphear psych-out. Nevermind does Abbey Road. The comparisons have already been made by pundits, but they hold up. The Telepathic Butterflies use heavy guitar rock and swirling melodies to evoke a sense of rock’s past glories without losing touch with the present. Like their countrymen in Sloan, they don’t divide rock and pop into separate spheres, and so they avoid much of the fey beautification that often pervades the Pop Underground scene. It’s an at once familiar and yet somehow refreshing sound."