SURVIVOR - Preminition

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UK Remaster from 2010 w/ big 12 page liner notes, Classic late 70s AOR.

"I would argue this entire CD is a textbook introduction to how to compose, perform and record rock music. A clean production with understated effects, perfectly mixed and EQ'd serves as a prime example to anyone touching a Pro-Tools install for the first time what tracks SHOULD sound like. You can Hear all the frequencies of the bass strings, all of the timbre of the drumkit's snare... Frankie is not shredding like crazy or overusing mindless barre chords; it's a lot of stuff on the 5th, 4th and 3rd strings, just two or three note chords and lets the amp do the rest. Listen to Droubay's tracks: Rock Steady. Constantly well timed hits; not a lot of crazy fills to try and grab your attention, just naturally attention-grabbing groves and tasteful symbol work.

Finally, let's get into the song writing. Google the lyrics to "Light of a Thousand Smiles." You will seldom listen to a more positive, hopeful piece of writing for a rock song. This song speaks to all of us who've heard our favorite rock song on the radio, and dreamed of the day that we, too, would take the stage and perform in the light of a thousand fans smiling upon us.

It comes HIGHLY recommended by me, and I really have not been able to stop listening to this whole recording since the day I bought it a few months ago." - A big fan onAmazon