SUPER RARE BOOK - "Pop Power: The Discography of Melody-Oriented Rock n Roll"

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This might be the ultimate power pop rarity - not just as a book but in general. There were merely a few hundred of these printed up and were sold mostly through word of mouth and inside early issues of the "YELLOW PILLS" fanzine and the second printed catalog from Not Lame for a very brief time. The book was printed in 1990 and has been out of print for 20 years. It covers power pop from 1970-1990 and essentially is book that prints out a spreadsheet with info and notations. See the picture I included with this listing and that will give you an idea the contents of the 118 pages.

"Pop Power: The Discography of Melody-Oriented Rock n Roll" by Emmett McAuliffe only appears every few years on Ebay - never on Amazon usually between $100-$200. Sorry, been holding onto this one for 25 years and not letting it go for a song. You either appreciate a rare piece like this - or you don't.

Book will ship FedEx ground for insurance and tracking purposes if you live in the US and the shipping fee reflects that cost of service.

Here's some info that the author some years back:

"Every Power Pop record for two decades!
This guide is designed not only to help you
find information on a recording you may be
looking for, but also to arouse your curiosity
to sounds you may want to try on YouTube. Our philosophy
is ''the tune's the thing''. We have made every
effort to ensure that every great pop song
that we know of is in here in at least one
version. The book will probably not represent
the final resting point for one who is seeking
any and every conceivable recording of a particular song or band (for that there's AllMusic or Wikipedia). This is especially true
of artists who have had major record deals and
consequently have a lot of singles off of
albums and/or non-U.S. releases.
The following explanations are offered in the
hopes of making a journey into the book as
fruitful as possible.

ARTISTS are listed alphabetically and head up
each listing. BACKGROUND NOTES are interjected
aside the artists name but occur only when
extended information is needed or available.
TITLES are in the next column. Lengthy titles
are left off, usually with an ellipsis, and
continued across at the end of the listing in
the COMMENTS column. If a single we review is
a ''promotional'' or ''radio station only''
review copy, and the actual B-side, if any, is
unknown, to save space we will not reprint
that A-side title but, rather, just indicate
''[SAME]'' for another version exactly the same as the A side or ''[MONO]''for a monaural
version of the same song. As for that peculiar
creature the EP, we use a general title
if one is printed or is in common usage, e.g.
''The Singer Not the Song EP'' and, failing
this, we print as many of the actual titles as
room allows. When there are many titles for
one given artist the titles are grouped alphabetically
within groupings of short-players
(first) and long players (last).
FORMAT includes 7 11
, 10 11
, 12 11 singles (the "
mark will be left off, however), EP, LP, CD or
CAS. The size of all EP format discs (usually
four to seven songs) will be given under the
comments section. CD is listed for all CD-only
or, CD and casette-only, releases (e.g.
Shoes' ''Stolen Wishes''). Unless the existence
of a vinyl or ''record'' format is in
doubt, we use a conventional record assignation
such as LP or 12 11

indicated whenever possible. A 198 or 197 in
dicates a guess at the decade (there is space
provided for you to write in the actual year
if you have any firmer idea than we do.)
RATINGS are an estimation by the author of the
quality of the release (and has nothing to do
with the condition of the record we may have
listened to.) For long players, the first rating
is for the BEST SONG on the album (since we know pop fans will buy an album for that one
''nugget'' even if the rest of the songs are
mediocre.) The second rating is the OVERALL
rating for the piece as a whole. Ratings are
done on the American school system marks of A+
to F . A-/B+ is halfway between the two grades.
Oddly enough an A-/B+ record usually started
well but then excitement tapered off while
B+/A- songs finished stronger and showed more
potential to '' grow on you''. Mathematically,
however, they are the same grade. Time and unavailability
of a review copy foced us to leave
many records without a rating, an oversight we
hope to cure in large part by the next edition
(send us your suggestions!). Records without
ratings come only with the guarantee that they
are pop. A lot of the unrated records are possible
A plus records but bear in mind that in
most cases the disc is unrated because: a) we
did not think to buy them ourselves or, b) no
record company in our canvass bothered to send
them to ''Power ' Pop guys''