STREETWALKERS - Red Card/Vicious But Fair

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UK 2-fer

"this is a fantastic reissue from the bgo label featuring the most popular records by roger chapmans streetwalkers. the cd has been remastered to sound its best, though if my memory is right red car seemed to do very well in 1976 and the streetwalkers where even added to the whos spring 1976 uk football stadium tour with the sensational alex harvey band the outlaws and little feat, both of these records had a very groovy 70s vibe to them but you cannot compare the 2 as both are very different, the jive here is fantastic and this was rogers best post family outfit in my opinion, the vocals so fit the music on here with that bluesy frankie miller style touch, the band is very tight but yet kind of experimental and this band was not afraid to try new things as it was the mid 70s when these records came out and punk rock was taking the uk by storm, this release comes with a fantastic essay by allen robertson and explains all you would need to know regarding both these records, i would hope that since this reissue is about a decade old it would be nice to have the first chapam/whitney streetwalkers album remastered in this format so hopefully that day will come, until then this is fine and the family box set once upon a time is a must for chapman fans." - Amazon