SPOCKS BEARD - "Snow" - Limited Edition Box Set

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3 CD box set, limited when it came out in 2002. Crazy collectable - $300 right now. Check it out:


Why? because their fans are passion and legion and the band attracts collectors and this is an early rare piece from them in excellent, downright perfect condition.

28 page colour booklet, bonus disc, four page booklet of the story of "Snow" and 3 stickers.

"This album was my introduction to Neal Morse and Spock's Beard. I bought it because a lot of other Genesis and Yes fans seemed to be trying it. It took me a while to get into it, because the music changes a lot (prog/hard rock/ballads/jazz etc) and it throws too much information at you to digest straightaway. But I persevered, and boy was it worth it! The concept may be straight out of Tommy and the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, but musically SNOW piles up one stunning melody after another. Also, every riff rivals Led Zep at their very best. It's like listening to all your favourite bands from the last 30 years in one go! The Wind At My Back finale is one of the great knock-out blows in rock, audacious, stupendous and tear-inducing in equal measure. Along with Tommy and Hey Jude, it must rank as one of the greatest album endings of all time. I'm in my forties, brought up listening to The Beatles, Genesis, Yes, Floyd, Led Zep, Mike Oldfield - got over 2,000 records! For me, SNOW must be pretty awesome to make an impression amongst that lot! Since discovering Spock's Beard, I've bought everything Morse has done. I'm not a Christian, but I even love the recent religious epics because, musically, they reflect his ongoing zenith."