SMALL FACES - The Anthology 1965-67 (2 CDs)

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33 track, 2 CD set. Contains most of the records made for Decca from 1965-67. For inexplainable reasons "I Can`t Make It" has been left out. Besides the Small Faces catalogue there is an early Steve Marriot single and 2 songs by Jimmy Winston and his Reflections.

The Small Faces recorded some real great singles for Decca, but it was not until they changed to Immediate that they also became an albums band.
Their self penned hitsingles "All or Nothing" and "My Mind`s Eye", "Sha-la-la-la-leh" and "What`cha Gonna Do About" makes the songs highlights too.
There are great recordings among the other singles and album tracks. They actually released 2 albums for Decca. From the first album "You Better Believe it", "One Night Stand" and "I`m Sorry, She`s Mine".
From their 2nd album "My Way of Giving", "That Man", "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" indicate of what great moments were to come on their later records.
The single B-side "Just Passing" is simply charming.
A great collection!