SILVER SUN - Broad Strokes for B-side Folks

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Clever title of this CD-R fan boot. 25 trax that go deep into one of the most overlooked and great power pop bands from the 90s. Don't know them?

Silver Sun make fuzz-filled instant explosions of melodic dynamite. What has been written about them in the past is still accurate and relevant now and we quote: Silver Sun released one of the great debuts from the UK in the 90`s(sadly, out of print). Said best by AMG: "sugar-coated melodies drenched in a heavy buzzsaw guitar attack and heavenly harmonies. Falling somewhere between the Buzzcocks and Cheap Trick". "James Broad really knows how to write a catchy pop song; well, what he really knows, I think, is how to write catchy bubblegum songs, because that`s what these 10 creations are, sugar-dripping confections that will raise your blood sugar level to heretofore unreached heights, but in a good way. Guitars are constantly a-blazing, the drums are in your face, and the singing, both in the foreground and background, is simply tremendous in classic pop tradition. It`s really quite a thing, this album.. As Broad sings in the closing number, you can`t kill rock `n` roll, which, I guess, is the point of this album, all gussied up in pop clothes and appropriate accessories. Well, I`d rather call it a marriage of rock and pop and say that catchier doesn`t come more plugged in than it does with this punchy half-hour of dazzling hook-heavy artistry."-