SILVER SUN - 'B' Is For Silver Sun (Japanese only CD)

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Silver Sun's debut was one of the great major label power pop releases of the 90s - without question. They were insanely prolific and this CD from 1997 collected 11 of their absolutely excellent B-sides for fans because the band 'had a moment' in Japan when this came out. Sold for $30 back then. Here a bargain almost 20 years later.

"it's obvious that Silver Sun had their sound mapped out: surround sweet, catchy melodies with a wall of guitars that are set to stun. Falling somewhere between Cheap Trickand the Buzzcocks (with a touch of Teenage Fanclub), Silver Sun's songs, penned by James Broad, are strikingly powerful little pop nuggets that are hard and tough on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside." - AMG


1 Tokyo E Ikitai
2 17 Times
3 In Nature
4 High Times
5 It Couldn't Be You
6 She'll Do
7 Angel Eyes
8 Made For You
9 Reasons To Live
10 American Metal
11 Tokyo E Ikitai (Instrumental)