SILVER SUN - Broad Strokes for B-side Folks

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Clever title of this CD-R fan boot, only one copy. 25 trax that go deep into one of the most overlooked and great power pop bands from the 90s. Don't know them?

Silver Sun make fuzz-filled instant explosions of melodic dynamite. What has been written about them in the past is still accurate and relevant now and we quote: Silver Sun released one of the great debuts from the UK in the 90`s(sadly, out of print). Said best by AMG: "sugar-coated melodies drenched in a heavy buzzsaw guitar attack and heavenly harmonies. Falling somewhere between the Buzzcocks and Cheap Trick". "James Broad really knows how to write a catchy pop song; well, what he really knows, I think, is how to write catchy bubblegum songs, because that`s what these 10 creations are, sugar-dripping confections that will raise your blood sugar level to heretofore unreached heights, but in a good way. Guitars are constantly a-blazing, the drums are in your face, and the singing, both in the foreground and background, is simply tremendous in classic pop tradition. It`s really quite a thing, this album.. As Broad sings in the closing number, you can`t kill rock `n` roll, which, I guess, is the point of this album, all gussied up in pop clothes and appropriate accessories. Well, I`d rather call it a marriage of rock and pop and say that catchier doesn`t come more plugged in than it does with this punchy half-hour of dazzling hook-heavy artistry."-