SHAKE SOME ACTION - CD ONLY - original CD from the 2007 out of print book

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Professionally replicated - comes in just a simple paper holder, though as the CD was originally bundled inside the "Shake Some Action" book back in 2007.

THIS IS ONLY ONE COPY that I tripped over earlier today as I was getting this sale ready. The fact that is here, right now, is UNUSUAL.


Well, because the CD was included with the book itself and attached and glued inside! I'm guessing these must have come from some damaged and returned books and the CDs were taken out back in 2007 or 2008....and, most importantly....

Because...this CD was never sold on its own. The CD was bundled with the original book and glued to the inside of the back cover. Because of this, there was never any art work but CDs were professionally manufactured and they are enclosed in a plastic CD cover that was originally glued into the back of the book. However, a really nice customer back in 2008 made up a PDF of art work for himself and shared with me, which I shared with the purchasers of the book later that year so they could put the CD into a jewel case and something nice. (If you are the person who did this and are seeing this - my apologies, I forgot your name - get in touch w/ me so I can thank you again!)

if you get this, please make sure you email me so I can send you this color PDF of that art work for the CD: Put "Shake Some Action PDF" in the subject line, please.


NEWS ON THE BOOK: Sometime in 2014, there WILL BE a SMALL REPRINTING of the long, out-of-print and terribly rare "Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide" book. It's wicked expensive to print small runs of an oddly measured book(it is 8" X 8") so I need hit about 50 copies to make it reasonable. If you are interested in being notified of this reprint, let me know at: I'm about half-way there presently so it's not too far off. :-)



1. "Tonight" - The Rubinoos (rare Raspberries cover, available only on iTunes; first time on CD)
2. "Folk Hero" - The Rooks (newly recorded track, exclusive to SSA)
3. "Hourglass" - Dom Mariani (newly recorded track, exclusive to SSA)
4. "Love Me Or Love Me Not" - Mark Johnson (newly recorded track, exclusive to SSA)
5. "I Don`t Want To Lose This Feeling" - The Pranks (previously unreleased late `70s recording, featuring Jeffrey Foskett; exclusive to SSA)
6. "Change Her Way" - Chris Von Sneidern (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
7. "Neglected" - The Popdudes Popdudes (newly recorded track, featuring Kenny Howes, Mike Simmons, Robbie Rist, Walter Clevenger and John Borack; exclusive to SSA)
8. "Gone to Midnight" - Tommy Keene (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
9. "That Girl Was Yesterday" - 20/20 20 (previously unreleased late `70s demo recording; exclusive to SSA)
10. "The Day I Found You" - Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings Kings (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
11. "Sorry About That" - Michael Guthrie Band (1981 classic, previously unavailable on CD)
12. "Why Can`t We Just Sleep Together?" - Wonderboy (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
13. "Voices in My Head" - The Windbreakers (from 1986`s Run LP; previously unavailable on CD)
14. "Dream About Me" - The Tickets (original 1990 version, previously unavailable on CD; exclusive to SSA)
15. ""This Boy" - Scott McCarl (ex-Raspberries) (Beatles cover, previously unavailable on CD; exclusive to SSA)
16. "I'm in Love" - Wackers (Bob Segarini) (previously unreleased, `70s-vintage song)
17. "In the Worst Way" (original demo) - Kyle Vincent Vincent (previously unreleased version; exclusive to SSA)
18. "A Voice Inside Me" - Shoes (rare track; available only on Shoes "As Is" compilation)
19. "Alayna" (acoustic) - Spongetones (previously unreleased version; exclusive to SSA)
20. "Anybody But Me" - Bill Lloyd (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
21. "Faraway" - Seth Swirsky (previously unreleased song; exclusive to SSA)
22."Boy Scout Pinup" - The Flashcubes (newly recorded song, exclusive to SSA)
23. "Do You Wanna Love Me" - Paul Collins & Peter Case (previously unreleased archival home recording, mid-`70s vintage; exclusive to SSA)
24. "Got to Get Out" - Backstreet Noise(newly recorded Nick Gilder cover, featuring Robbie Rist, Walter Clevenger and Mike Simmons; exclusive to SSA)