SEXTUS - Stranger Than Fiction (Jellyfish, Eric Dover)

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ERIO DOVER of Jellyfish solo project that gestated for almost a decade as he obsessed over every detail. VERY rare Jellyfish related release. Long out of print and going for $70+ -

I'm selling it here for its original price years ago just because I want someone to feel very lucky who is a Jellyfish fan! :-)

:Lovley and strange. Its an amazing album, somewhat remenicient of Jellyfish and Imperial Drag, no surprise there." - Fan review

"is it worth the wait? Well mostly yes. The guitar work is outstanding and is reminicent of Imperial Drag for sure. I felt the album builds up a bit too slowly, albeit dramatically. The opening intro, brings to mind heavier guitar rock of Steve Hackett or even Yngwie Malmsteen. The point being, you play this music loud. “Wild To Make You Mine” is the most Imperial Drag-like, full of intricate guitar flourishes and layered solos and vocals. This can backfire a bit on “Mystery of O” which sounds like a mashup of both Queen and The Propellerheads. It’s not bad, but so dense with sonic detail, we lose the vocals and melody at times. Mid way through the album it hits it’s stride with the awesome “On The Freak Side” and becomes a real R-rated adventure with “Tricki Tina.” The gems are sprinkled throughout with “Break of Morning” and the raunchy “Ballmi” (Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is). The lyrical wordplay here would make even Prince blush. So overall, Sextus lives up to his name (don’t play this around the kiddies) and fans of Jellyfish, or Imperial Drag will lick it up. Right now it’s only available as a vinyl, but expect wide distribution next month."- Power Popaholic