SEX CLARK FIVE - Strum & Drum!

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Original CD release from late 90s. One of the great indie power pop records of the 90s. Sex Clark Five have built a solid reputation in their off beat world of rock and roll jangly pop music called Strum and Drum! Over the last three decades SC5 have tossed out some of the greatest underground pop music ever. Their debut album Strum and Drum! has been hailed a masterpiece. Subsequent SC5 releases have also earned the inspired praise of critics and fans alike. Through the years the cruddy-brilliant songwriting of James Butler and current songwriting team of Butler and co-conspirator Rick Storey have produced a unique body of work that has earned them a devoted fan base. They’ve been stars of 80s college radio, the BBC, and have influenced the best of indie rock’s melodic new breed. Though nearly forgotten in their home state, in 2011 SC5 were invited to be a featured part of The Year of Alabama Music kickoff concert. Sex Clark Five continue to roll out inventive melodic pop bursts that defy classification and challenge what remains of the 21st century music industry.