SETH SWIRKSY - Instant Pleasure

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Still sealed. One of the 00s best power pop albums - really!

"Fifth Beatle? Seth Swirsky has recorded a Fab Four - influenced album...a melodic, earnest collection of Beatles - influenced pop."
-Kevin Bronson, Los Angeles Times

Seth captures the whole Beatles 'love' vibe throughout this record. Like the Eleanor Rigby-ish character, 'Roger' and 'Wednesday Unraveling', which sounds like it could have been on Abbey Road. The whole CD is smart, melodic, well orchestrated cellos, drums, crystal clear strings, with uplifting bass lines. The depth of these songs, surround you like a warm blanket on a cold night and blow through you like a cool, creek side breeze on a hot sunny day. The lyrical content reads like a book. The vocals and melodies are tightly wound around each song, with brilliant arrangements and pure pop production, for 'Instant Pleasure', at least for these ears. If you're a fan of John Lennon, then you're a fan of Seth Swirsky.
- "The Rocker,

"The vibe of this album is just something you have to hear to believe. Bringing up fond memories of such greats as The Beatles, and John Lennon. This is the type of music you play on a hot summer day, with the top down, trucking down the scorching hot interstate. It's just infectious pop music, pure and simple -- A great little slice of pop heaven."
-Trent Moore,

"This release is to the music connoisseur what a gourmet meal is to the hungry restaurant patron -- fulfilling, satisfying, and memorable. "It's Still Love" shows why Seth Swirsky has been referred to as the fifth Beatle. "

"...highly pleasurable, low-key pop, often venturing into very stunningly pretty chamber-pop territory."
-Amplifier Magazine

"He'll win fans with his candor (and) understated vocals that work perfectly with his eccentric lyrics. Hammond B3 organ, cello, violin, mandolin, flute and layered vocal harmonies create a production rivaling Revolver-era Beatles.
Overall, Swirsky delivers an album of flawless pop songs. Check it out for some instant-and lasting-pleasure."
-Performing Songwriter Magazine