SALIM NOURALLAH - Ciphers From Snowing

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2008 release. "In addition to being a superb songwriter, Salim Nourallah can really sing. At times, a bit Bono-esque, he sells what he sings. His tone is confidence inspiring and believable. Underneath it all though, lives a real tribute to the best of the new wave ‘80s. Drawing sonically from bands like New Order, Nourallah makes the old feel new. While clearly comfortable in the studio (and with the many toys his studio probably has available), he never forgets the guitar. Each track on the record features textured guitar parts that prove tasteful and memorable.

Nourallah originally envisioned a double record with these tracks and Snowing in My Heart, but in reality this record stands fine on its own. If anything is missing here it is that, despite his eternal optimism, lyrically Salim Nourallah appears to still be holding back. The songs, at times, feel like much more could be said. Coming from an artist who spends so much time coaxing emotion from the musical side of his projects, it surprises. If his lyrics are not introspective enough or revealing, the sound he manages to create certainly is. The term “ciphers”, in this case, is a misnomer, though plenty of importance can be found in these tracks." - Pop Matters