ROGER KLUG - Mama, Mama Ich Bin in dem La La Land

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Classic 90s power pop, from 1995 and was a HUGE Not Lame mail order seller for many years, for good reason. Rare now.

Out of nowhere (Cincinnati, actually) comes the mighty Roger Klug with a full length CD on which he plays everything, and what a monster he's created. Breathlessly rocking over an eclectic and inventive set of great songs, Klug sounds like he's having fun all the way. Lyrically he's clever and amusing, the highlight being "About Your Cat," a majestic sweeping number about accidentally running over his girlfriend's pet, that is neither silly or mawkish but profound and recognisably touching. The playing and arrangements are exciting throughout -- rock'n'roll with intellect. He even plays the drums like he means it. Best of all is the guitar work, played like he's getting through a set of asbestos marigolds with every gut wrenching ear drum searing solo. It all seems out of control but you know that ultimately Klug has mastery over La La Land. It's fun, but it's fun with depth. A rewarding and substantial body of work, that's well worth tracking down.
---Bucketfull of Brains (U.K.), Issue #47

First impressions are always important & the first impression I've gotten about Roger Klug's music is that it's quite amazing & deserves all the attention it can get. There's an astounding number of great songs here…
---hEARd (Australia)

Former Willies guitarist goes solo on this CD, which houses seventeen songs of bright pop rock (fans of the psychodots would love this stuff). Klug admits he's in la la land, my personal favorite place to travel, so I can't help but like him. This is honest rock, engineered without concern for trends. Klug writes organic songs that center around sometimes unusual subjects, but always showcases focused, solid musicianship.
--- Everybody’s News (Cincinnati)