ROCKFOUR - One Fantastic Day

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Rockfour's second album in English is not as good as its predecessor, 2000s Supermarket, though it's still above-average for indie-oriented early 21st century rock that echoes the 1960s. There's a heavier sound and darker mood this time around, and the melodies aren't as strong. The lyrics are still quite superior to the norm for this sort of style, with a probing and evocative sense of questioning institutions, authority, and the surface appearances of reality. (Note that most such groups from countries in which English is the first language cannot manage this, let alone bands from Israel.) They continue to distinguish themselves as one of the few bands to effectively use rock Mellotron in the early 2000s, and there's often a late-'60s-type Brit psych/Beatles air to the tunes and harmonies. In this regard, the title track is a definite highlight in its unpredictable yet pleasing shifts of circular riffs. "Where the 'Byrds' Fly" is perhaps too obvious a Byrds homage, even if there are fewer better groups upon whom to model yourselves