ROBERT GORDON - Rock Billy Boogie...the RCA Years

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2 CDs. 2007 UK reissue. Goes for $22 and up on Amazon right now. "4 stars. Coinciding with and coexisting alongside the mid-1970s rise of punk rock, the singer Robert Gordon's immaculate rockabilly re-creations resurrected such '50s greats as Johnny Burnette and Link Wray for a new generation. This double-CD set combines several of Gordon's 1970s and early-'80s releases, featuring such classics as his version of Joe Bennett and the Sparkletones' "Black Slacks" as well as several Elvis Presley covers, notably "Suspicion" and "Blue Christmas."" - AMG

"5 stars. This is a really good CD, containing the 3rd & 4th of Robert Gordon's four releases on RCA in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

For those who weren't around at the time, there was a rockabilly revival in the late 1970s. A lot of the bands involved in this scene were pretty forgettable and quickly faded back into well deserved obscurity after releasing an album or two.

Robert Gordon was one of the best vocalists among the 1970s rockabilly revivalists and, with his vocal talent, did not deserve to fade into obscurity like many of his far less talented compatriots. But unfortunately he did.

The fact that he didn't achieve wider commercial success doesn't take away the fact that his four RCA releases were really good albums. Gordon had vocal chops on a par with many of the original 1950s rockabilly legends and innovators whose work he covers on the two albums in this CD: people like Conway Twitty(It's Only Make Believe), Carl Perkins (Rock Billy Boogie) and Elvis Presley (Blue Christmas).

Elvis Presley covers, you say? Don't be surprised; Robert Gordon had the vocal talent to do a very credible Elvis Presley cover. His vocals really are that good. I noticed that Robert Gordon has also released an entire album of Presley covers with guitarist Chris Spedding. I haven't heard that album yet but it could be interesting.

On this CD Gordon also does some original tributes to some of his 1950 idols. Catman is a tribute to Gene Vincent, Crazy Man Crazy is a very credible tribute to Bill Haley.

Unlike many of the 1970s rockabilly revivalists, Robert Gordon kept his interpretations true to the 1950s originals. He even got a legendary 1950s guitarist, Link Wray, to back him on some of these albums. Guitarist Chris Spedding replaced Wray on Gordon's later releases.

If you like 1950s rockabilly, this CD is worth having. If you like this one, you'll also like the other compilation of Robert Gordon's 1st & 2nd RCA releases, Robert Gordon with Link Wray and Fresh Fish Special."- Amazon.