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What I wrote back in 2007:

2007 studio release from Rick Altizer! Huge news for fans of this guy and if you do not know him, well you should know this guy knows how to write classic power pop melodies and he`s relatively unknown because he works mainly in the Christian rock area, but Not Lame released a must-hear compilation six years ago, well worth checking out on this site. "Al-Tie-Zur"

But let`s talk "Scripture Melody". Now, if you don`t like Christian rock, well, can`t help you with this one, but, at least, check out the music loaded up here and see what you think! "Rick Altizer has managed to make one of the best pop albums of the year. Imagine the Beatles using only scripture for lyrics and you`ve got a great idea of what Pop Symphonies is all about." Dr. Tony Shore - Obvious Pop. Here`s what Rick says about this project:

Three years in the making, "Scripture Memory - Pop Symphonies" has been a labor of love for me. It was my desire to make a Scripture Memory record that you would actually enjoy listening to. I decided to do my best to make an excellent record in hopes that you would listen to it multiple times. After repeated listening, the scriptures would be forever lodged in your brain. Strings, horns, pianos, walls of guitars, stacks of vocals… the kitchen sink approach (hey, it’s me), all to coerce you to listen, again and again.

Pledging allegiance to the united states of Melody, Hooks and Song Craftsmanship, Alitzer exhibits some of the finest pure pop magic you`ll hear this year. Fans of the Grays work from Jon Brion and Jason Falkner will find much to enjoy here, as well as labelmate Doug Powells` work. As with his whole body of work, the CD contains and endless supply of music laced with lush, melodic hooks that combine honest lyrical observation and wry metaphor. Points of music reference are hard for such a unique talent, but pin us to the mat and we`ll mention label mate, Doug Powell and the purest pop moments of Adrian Belew and his work with The Bears. While not for everyone lyrically, musically it`s very, very much a classic Not Lame-styled release!