RICH KIDS - Ghosts of Princes in Towers

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You know,t his is one of my absolute favorites from the punk era. It's power pop done with punk attitude. Tinny production from Mick Ronson does not lose its immense charm. Just filled with great songs. Includes two bonus trax from excellent non-LP single. It's status is that it goes for $25 and up on Amazon - as it should.

What initially drew my attention to the band was former Pistols' bassist/songwriter Glen Matlock. Unlike Sid, whose many talents included self-destruction, alleged murder, and dying young, Matlock was a skilled tunesmith who could actually tune and play his instrument. His contributions to the Sex Pistols are often overlooked. For that matter, so are his contributions to The Rich Kids. Hell, the band in general has been criminally passed over for years. But this was a collective effort, to be sure. Future Ultravox vocalist and solo artist Midge Ure and guitarist Steve New also helped with songwriting duties.
You can hear a variety of styles here, including powerpop, new wave, punk and straight-ahead rock 'n roll. You'd think that such a mixed bag would make for an uneven record, but such is not the case.

The unfortunate reality for this fantastic album is that it was pretty much killed by the press labeling The Rich Kids as being a new 'super group' - pretty much the kiss of death (take a look at Visage as well). The Ghosts single was fantastic and with 'only arsenic' as a equally strong B-side, many thought that the Kids were on their matter how GREAT the album was, it was set up to fail by the hype. Is the sound muddy? Yes it is.....the band sounds fairly 'loose' on some of the tracks and there are a abundance of guitar overdubs that contribute to the thickness of the sound wall as well as to the muddiness....It almost sounds to me like they did a lot of ping pong guitar overdubs----a lot of doubling----it can be difficult to mix, expecially with the available technology of the time