REDDY TEDDY - Teddy Boy (2 CDs)

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ONE copy only and in a few years, this is going to go through the roof as this was a cult-band from Boston from the mid/the 70s whose aura and influence is growing. This compilation displays that reason. One of the great overlooked, unknown Not Lame releases and reissues. If you're a fan of 70s rock with a melodic bent, a major find.

Playboy then touted the band as; "...possibly the best new American band, period". Working w/producers Paul Nelson (NY Dolls), Michael Brown (Left Banke – “Don’t Walk Away Renee”) and Andrew Loog Oldham (The Rolling Stones), the band left a trail of studio recordings now available in a two CD compilation (Not Lame Records). In 1976, they released the album “Reddy Teddy” as well as the single “Goo Goo Eyes.” This Album is a compilation of 8 CD's worth of digitally archived recordings into a 2CD set including some post - Reddy Teddy work by Matthew Mackenzie as well as early basement tapes before Reddy Teddy.

"The early to mid-1970’s greater Boston area music scene was unparalleled by its wealth of proto-punk greatness. The Modern Lovers, the Sidewinders, the Count, Fox Pass, Thundertrain, the Third Rail, the nascent lineups of the Real Kids and DMZ, Willie Alexander and the pre-Cars Cap n' Swing. To my ears, the real unknown gem is Reddy Teddy and the late Matthew MacKenzie. If your idea of classic rock is mid-60’s Who/Kinks/Yardbirds/Pretty Things/Byrds and pretty much every original rock n’ roller who influenced those folks, you get the picture of the Reddy Teddy ethos.

Back in 1972, in Winchester, Mass, Reddy Teddy was causing a NY Dolls styled ruckus that matches anything Clap, Streak, Rags, Milk ‘n Cookies, Shady Lady and the Berlin Brats recorded in a high energy vein. Reddy Teddy shared bills with the Dolls in this period and liked to party with Aerosmith at Kilsyth Manor - a locale with debauched tales that apparently match those of the fabled Canterbury apartment complex in Hollywood several years later. Courted in 1973 to sign a major label deal with the same A&R rep Paul Nelson that signed Blue Ash to Mercury, Reddy Teddy cut some great demos in Boston and went to NYC and recorded an lp that was never released" - Blog Post