RECEIVER - Inspiration Overload

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SOOO hard to find now...These copies are the left ever copies of this particular Not Lame label release. If you do not own it, you can’t beat this last ever, lowest price ever for this release. This is it.

FRom AMazon: This is far and away the best power pop cd I've heard in the last 10 years. The songs find some familliar pop-rock ground, but are all amazing melodic treats that keep me coming back for more. I can't recomend this CD more highly to those who find the clever rock stylings of groups like the Foo Fighters met with melodic charm of Teenage Fanclub.

FROM AMG: Almost two years in the making, the album from this highbrow pop quintet is radio-friendly and immediately tight. Kicking things off with "Faster," lead singer and songwriter Ken West has a soft falsetto approach to the three-minute nuggets of verse, verse, and chorus formula. Coming off as a cross between Weezer and Matthew Sweet, the group never loses their enthusiasm or steam with a collage of finely crafted pop songs. Equally an asset is the ability to swerve between tight jangle rock and full-out rock riffs for songs such as "Oleander," with its dichotomy between the straightforward Beatles structure and Beach Boys summer sweetness. A problem with many albums such as this one is the fact that there are no standout tracks, which means there is little in the way of variance. "Erica Kane," a song about the All My Children character, is a soppy and somewhat sloppy ballad miscue, while the title track should be moved up in the song list. "Accidents" and "Predictable" are the best of the lot, moving into rock territory with a simple riff and a chorus which is less than witty. Picture-pretty pop from a band on the rise.