(RARE ART) Daniel Johnston - Paper Sketch from 90s

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Rare Daniel Johnston paper sketch. Signed(many of his works like this are not signed).

These go for $200-$450 in gallery and auction settings. I'm sure if you are a Ebay kind of person, you'll get more than a good share of a return on this. As I've said many times before, 'not my thing' - which is why it's only $60 here.



If you are not familiar w/ Daniel Johnston, this will confuse you. Here's a bio:

A prolific singer/songwriter, Daniel Johnston has released over 30 albums since
1981 and has generated a huge cult following throughout his long career. Amongst
his fan base are included such luminary musicians as Kurt Cobain, Sonic Youth,
and Tom Waits. Daniel was the subject of the heart-wrenching and inspiring
documentary, "The Devil and Daniel Johnston," released in 2005.

Daniel has exhibited his art in sold out shows across the globe. His drawings are
a pure outpouring of emotion and symbolism, stemming from his vast imagination
and his ongoing struggle against mental illness and manic depression. He is
an Icon.