RAINY DAY SAINTS - Saturday's Haze

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From Not Lame: Beautiful and haunting pop-rock-psych combining perfect pop melodies and rock jams, from one-man-band David Swanson who has played with Guided By Voices, Cobra Verde and New Salem Witch Hunters. In many spots this sounds like The Lolas, The Model Rockets or The Vandalias on a Radio Birdmen and Green On Red garage kick. Lots of sparkling slash n burn 6 stringed charms with creamy edge. Hasil Adkins begat The Legendary Stardust Cowboy who begat Paul McCartney who begat Emmit Rhodes who in turn begat Todd Rundgren Who eventually begat The Bevis Frond. What does this have to do with the Rainy Day Saints? Well, not a lot except that all those mentioned were or are essentially one man bands. Add to that list, Dave Swanson(Rainy Day Saints). It is a record full of melodic minuets surrounded by crashing guitars, bass and drums. Songs, (all written by Dave Swanson), that stick to your mind then to your heart but not on your hands. Dave has been buying records since age 4 and has been playing an instrument since age 5. Blame Micky Dolenz if you must. Get Hip Records has now seen fit give Rainy Day Saints a home. Enjoy. We sure are, great stuff!