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OKAY - If you are seeing this, it means that you are looking over the "LAST SALE EVER" stuff. This book IS sold out though I have ONE reference copies I've saved(and one for myself). The printing was only 350 copies and there will NOT be another printing so to say that this will be a rare book in a very short period time is a fact.

So if you want one, here it is - but the CD that came with "Volume 1" is gone but I'll add the CD that came with "Volume 2" because I have some extras. There are NINE volumes in the "Prime" series - five have been completed. The last four will be completed in 2017 and 2018.

Normally, the book and CD in this very limited series are $44.95 but this last copy here has about 15 slightly scrunched pages that were squished in shipping so there's some slight damage as a result - and a $10 discount, as a result.


I"M SORRY - All copies of "VOLUME 1" have been SOLD.

If you'd like to get on a list to receive notification of when I repress more copies, email me at: popgeekheaven@gmail.com

The repress will be a VERY small amount and be available for a short time and you'll be at the top of the list when it happens.


•For the United States, it is $7.00 per book (Priority Mail)
•All Non-U.S. countries, shipping is $16.00 per book

ONLY 500 COPIES WILL BE PRINTED UP AND MADE AVAILABLE......(as mentioned above, ALL COPIES HAVE BEEN SOLD. See details above on being informed with any re-pressings.)



"Power Pop Prime - Volume 1" tells the story of this exciting & vibrant period in power pop history!

Warm Greetings My Fellow Pop Geek,

It's time for the next one.

First, "Volume 7 arrived". Then, "Volume 9" followed shortly thereafter. Then, "Volume 1", "Volume 2" and "Volume 3". ("Volume 4" is coming in 2017)

So, let's talk about what is in "Volume One" a bit, yes?



Because this volume focuses on the years 1995-1997, a period I truly, TRULY believe was the most exciting, vibrant and important in the last 30 years when any music fan talks about independent power pop. (for the record, nothing tops the late 70s -- that was a unique time and I'll do a dedicated book on this period someday...) It was a time that the internet was taking root into our lives and connected us with the artists, the small labels, online record stores(like Not Lame Recordings) and, most importantly, each other.....

POWER POP PRIME - "Volume One"

With 300 pages of invaluable, comprehensive historical information on one of the most exciting times for power pop fans, "Volume One" brings into focus the years 1995-1997. "Volume 1" contains a long list of reasons to get excited about for people like you who have already puchased the other books in the 9-volume "Power Pop Prime" series:

Owning "Volume One" is going to be like finding and then opening a time-capsule to warm, happy, wonderfully memorable place.
A special, vaguely forgotton but cherished time when being a music fan was filled with the excitement of an exponential explosion of new bands, new music that continually blew your mind(and ears). Each month, each week saw a new blast of insanely talented bands, fanzines, labels and web sites that were devoted to 'power pop' - and, rarely, did the efforts disappoint.

During this time period, Not Lame Recordings was dedicated exclusively to capturing everything that was going on in the vast, ever-expanding world of power pop. It's singular mission was to locate the best releases and artists out there and offer them - in its mail order catalogs and on its web site - a home where their music would be appreciated and valued by real music fans like us.

It really was the simple. Not Lame was an avenue of access to bring fans, the bands and the small labels together when hardly anyone else was interested in troubling with believing in 'power pop'.

Those hundreds, thousands of reviews that appeared in the printed catalogs and web sites and cumulative commitment to the genre is what the "Power Pop Prime" books are all about.

"POWER POP PRIME - Volume One" is dedicated to capturing this intensely exciting and dynamic time by bringing together a reference and remembrance of this essential era.

>> 300 pages of PURE Power Poppin' Information & Enrichment!
>> Article: "The Top 100 Indie Power Pop CDs Of The 90s - Part One"
>> Essay: "The History Of The Not Lame Label", an extensive critical assessment of the label's entire recorded output, written by Mike Baron
>> Article: "An Overview Of The Independent Power Pop Scene In The 90s"
>> The Complete Not Lame Newsletters Archive - Part 1 of 3 - 150 pages of all the Not Lame catalogs printed between early 1995-late 1997!! (This is has been the #1 request I get from power pop fans for many, many years - finally, I can do it for you!) This one will contain the first 8 catalogs, in their entirety!
>> A BONUS CD featuring 15 top-level power pop bands from this era

Your Purchase "Power Pop Prime" Is 100% Protected Personally By Me!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with continuing to own every book in this series.

I'm know that what you'll receive(especially after all the extras that will come your way) will make you smile, give you a ton 'ojoy and re-discover lost memories from a special time in the history of power pop. Your pre-order of "Volume 1" comes with a complete, page-to-page "No-Questions-Asked" 100% Money Back Guarantee. You don't dig it, then send it back & I'll happily(well, I may feel a bit wounded but I'm a big boy!) refund your purchase in full. All the risk is on me to deliver a kick-butt experience for you.

More More More...

Now, here's a secret. Well, it's not really a secret but it's more of an 'admission'.

This whole 9 volume Power Pop Prime series does not, can not happen without you. You purchased at least one of the first two books in the series so far and, by doing that, it allows me to continue it working on it while balancing my 'day job'....and keep the world-wide community of Pop Geek Heaven(www.popgeekheaven.com) site going and free for everyone.

I hope you agree that is kind of a big, cool thingl...Major Kudos & Thanks From Me To You.

HERE ARE SOME PICTURES FROM THE PAGES OF THE OLD NOT LAME CATALOGS THAT WILL BE IN THIS VOLUME -- it will have around 150 pages from the first 8 long-lost mail order

catalogs between 1995-1997.

CLICK ON THE ABOVE IMAGES TO SEE MORE CLOSELY - but forgive the bad scanning with my portable scanner!

Think about it: In a short 9 month period, there are now THREE books published exclusively devoted to power pop! In the previous 20 years combined, there have been three total(all, out of print and horrifically rare and hard to find...).

You are taking part and are a vital supporter of documenting and archiving the information on what has been going on with the genre in the past 17 years. "Power Pop Prime" really is a time-capsule.

The dictionary definition of 'time capsule' is: "a receptacle containing documents or objects typical of the current period, placed in the earth or in a cornerstone for discovery in the future."

Yeah, that kind of nails it pretty well. No doubt, all the books in this series are going to rare, expensive 'receptacles' of this period of music history - I have no doubt about that. History and what the other past power pop books sell for now, make that clear.

"Volume 7", the first of the 9 volumes to be published last Summer is down to 7 copies left.... "Volume 9", which shipped first week of February, has around 80 copies left... (you can order off of the above links, by the way...)

Super Cool Real Pop Geek Testimonial!


"Just when that Blind Curve caught us head-on via Digital Transmission that Power Pop had lost its Guiding Light, Mr. Brodeen returned under Full “POWER POP PRIME” Ignition once again! Not One; Not Two ... Not Eight; but NineVolumes (did someone say ‘Not Lame’ ... ?).

With so many Audio Anecdotes and Tantalizing Tales from Volumes 7 and 9 filling your Two-Track (Analog) Mind as Literary Visions of ‘Twin Guitars’ & ‘Heart-pounding Rhythm Sections’ dance in your Head; let the Musical Facts speak for themselves ...THE ENCYCLOPEDIA POP-TANICA’ AT ITS ABSOLUTE FINEST." -ROBERT GALVAN Pacific Grove, CA

(Someone buy this man a virtual round of drinks, will ya? That was awesome!)
Okay, that's it - I've said my piece. Thanks Again For All Your Support! Bruce Brodeen, Pop Geek Heaven