POWER POP PLANET - Volume 4 (2 CD set)

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Question: What is this CD series called?


Question: How many CDs will be on these collections of awesome power pop?

Answer:Two(2!) glorious CDs of sweet 'n sticky of...you guessed it, "POWER POP!"

Question: How many bands are on "Volume 4"?

Answer: Previous volumes had 30 songs over 2 CDs. "Volume 4" gives you a whole lot more music and kick-ass value - it has 34 bands, 34 songs!

Question: How much is shipping and handling?

Answer:for the United States: $3.50 and for countries OUTSIDE THE U.S, the 2 CDs is $10.00.

Question: How often will "Power Pop Planet" be releasing future volumes?

Answer: Every four months - the next one will arrive at the end of 2014

Question: How many copies will be pressed?

Answer: Only 500 copies....and....it sells out. Always. "Volume 1" and "Volume 2" are now long gone. Usually, they are sold out within a month or two after they ship.

Question: So, how much will this fab, 2-CD set cost me?

Answer: The cost for the 2 CD set is $16 (plus postage).

Question: Who are the artists that will appear on "Volume 4"?

Well here you go - look below!