POWER POP PLANET - Volume 3 (2 CDs)

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THESE ARE THE LAST COPIES for this "Last Sale Ever" event.

29 BANDS - 29 SONGS - 2 CDs(one of the songs is a 10-minute epic, power pop opera!)

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Question: What is this CD series called?


Question: How many CDs will be on these collections of awesome power pop?

Answer:Two(2!) glorious CDs of sweet 'n sticky of...you guessed it, "POWER POP!"

Question: How many bands are on "Volume 3"?

Answer: Like "Volume 1" and "Volume 2", there will be 29 bands, 29 songs(including a 10-minute power pop opera!)

Question: How much is shipping?

Answer: For the United States: $3.50 and for NON-US countries, it's $9.00

Question: How often will "Power Pop Planet" be releasing future volumes?

Answer: Every four months

Question: How many copies will be pressed?

Answer: Only 500 copies....and....it sells out. Always. "Volume 1" and "Volume 2" are now long gone. Usually, they are sold out within a month or two after they ship.

Question: So, how much will this fab, 2-CD set cost me?

Answer: It's always best to pre-order because you'll save but once "Planet" ships, the cost for the 2 CD is $16 (plus postage).

Question: Who are the artists that will appear on "Volume 3"?

Answer: Click on image to the right to view - in color - who will appear. Or....read on:

1. MYRACLE BRAH - When She Comes To Town
2. DE LA MATYR - Lines
3. NICK PIUNTI - On The Way Out
5. THE HEADBOYS - 24 Hours
6. LAURIE BIAGINI - Run To The Sun
7. TIMMY SEAN - East Coast Girls
8. THE STANLEYS - Always
9. THE SOLICITORS - Quicksand
10. THE REAL NUMBERS - Godzilla Girl
11. STEPHEN LAWRENSON - Home To Me (2013 Remix)
12. TRUE STORIES - Hearts On Sleeve
13. POPDUDES - Down On Him
14. THE FOREIGN FILMS - Fall Of The Summer Heart
1. GREG POPE - Partner In Crime

2. VALLEY LODGE - Make Up Your Mind
3. NEON COUGH - World Of Tomorrow
4. THE CRY! - Dangerous Gam
5. DAREN SWEET - Great Big World
6. ROLLO TIME - Eyman Prison
7. THE WELL WISHERS - Open Up Your Eyes
8. THE FLOOR MODELS - You'll Come Around
9. SECRET FRIEND - Starting Today
10. SHANE LAMB - Pull Me In
11. NICK BATTERHAM - On The Way Out
13. ESA LINNA - A Drop In The Ocean
14. SILVER LAUGHTER - Turn It Down(1978 version)
15. NORMANDIE WILSON - Nobody Loves You (Like I Do)

Question: Can I buy copies of "Volume 1" and "Volume 2"?

Answer: Sorry - both volumes are long gone and sold out. There are no repressings with "Power Pop Planet", I"m afraid so this series is very much short and small run and...a future rarity because of its micro pressing amount. I expect "Volume 3" will be sold out very soon because there are less than 100 copies left as of March 10th when I updated this information.

Question: Why do I need another CD stuffed with 29 awesome, power pop gems?


That is why. :-D

Also, I carefully, personally curate and select only the very best music available. This is not a random process. I've been selling power pop with many various activities(label, music distribution, blogging) since 1994. I take piecing a project together with only the best music, very seriously.

Beyond that, the other important reason to pick this up is that sales of the CDs will go to keep Pop Geek Heaven FREE and available to everyone without cost. It costs $400/month to keep everything connected to the site running.

There are HUGE changes coming Spring and Summer in 2014. I have hired Shellie Daugherty to help with implementing many of upgrades and changes to the site. The first thing you'll see in the Spring are two HUGE positive changes: 1. a redesign of the site with a more easy to digest design(including more information and music) and 2. the launch of a proper FORUM so everyone can interact and connect with other.

So you will see the effects of your support very, very soon.

Bottom Line: The "Power Pop Planet" series and the sales of the CD will help cover the existing expenses and future changes for the site - and keep all the cool information, free music and stuff to read on the site coming to more than 4,000 power pop fans all over the world, at no cost to anyone. Since November, 2011, I've personally covered all the expenses but due to some recent family health issues, I can no longer continue to take care of these so that is part of the reason why "Power Pop Planet" exists. Though, as always, it's a display and beacon to shine on the very best power pop talent happening - right here, right now.