POWER POP PLANET - Volume 2 (2 CD Set)

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Question: What is this CD series called?


Question: How many CDs will be on these collections of awesome power pop?

Answer:Two(2!) glorious CDs of sweet 'n sticky of...you guessed it, "POWER POP!"

Question: How many bands are on "Volume 2" and who is on the discs?

Answer:Like "Volume 1", there will be 30 bands, 30 songs:


Erik Voeks, Dan Kibler, Honeychain, Blue Cartoon, The Tor Guides, Jim Camacho, The Pencils, Vegas With Randolph, Private Jets, The Solicitors, Sons of the Great Dane, Eric Barao, the Grand Atlantic, Sun Sawed in 1/2, Kevin Lee & The Kings, The Super Fuzz, Stephen Lawrenson, Shplang!, Baby Scream, Ballard, Luke Potter and many more!

Question: How much is shipping?

Answer: For the United States: $3.50 and for NON-US countries, it's $8.00

Question: How often will "Power Pop Planet" be releasing future volumes?

Answer: Every four months

Question: How many copies will be pressed?

Answer: Only 500 copies....and "VOLUME 1" SOLD OUT in less than 10 days of it shipping in early January! That is very cool but what's not cool, is if you miss out on getting "VOLUME 2".

Question: So, how much will this fab, 2-CD set cost me?

Answer:A paltry, bargain - $12! (for 2 CDs!) THIS IS THE PRE-ORDER PRICE. The regular price will be $16. (shipping is extra, of course)

Question: Why do I need another CD stuffed with 30 awesome, power pop gems?

Answer: Well, you kind of answered the question: "30 awesome, power pop gems" but a really important reason is that sales of the CDs will go to keep Pop Geek Heaven FREE and available to everyone without cost. It costs $400/month to keep everything connected to the site running.

Since November, 2011, I've personally covered all the expenses but due to some recent family health issues, I can no longer continue to take care of these. (I talk about this in a bit more detail at the 1-minute mark in the video above)

The "Power Pop Planet" series and the sales of the CD will help cover the existing expenses and future changes for the site - and keep all the cool information, free music and stuff to read on the site coming to more than 3,000 power pop fans all over the world, at no cost to anyone.

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