PAUL MCARTNEY - Venus and Mars

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This is part of a great UK reissue series from the 1993 that included deluxe booklet w/ lyrics and bonus trax. In this case, this CD has 3 bonus trax.'Zoo Gang', 'Lunch Box/Odd Sox' and 'My Carnival'

Released in the glow of Wings' biggest and best album, Band on the Run, Venus & Mars found Paul McCartney in his element--a working rock star, being screamed at again, cheerfully riding the last rays of his youth. Adulation always brought the best out of him, and Venus & Mars is nearly the equal of its more lauded predecessor. McCartney never strays from his favorite themes (sex, drugs, rock & roll, and marriage), but his confidence is high as he mixes gorgeous, airy production numbers like "Listen to What the Man Said" and "Letting Go" with the ribald and hilarious. "Rock Show" matches the Who's "Long Live Rock" as the finest and funniest of those self-celebratory '70s stomps. McCartney's effortless marshalling of melody and arrangement hoists the blander material out of trouble, and the best stuff's powered by genuine, rediscovered verve.