MYRACLE BRAH - The Myracle Brah

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ONE COPY LEFT, that's it.

This one went out print pretty quickly and is fairly hard to find. Amazon has it up there for over $100 which is insane, honestly. Has some of all time favorite Myracle Brah songs on it.

Go for it w/ reselling this on Ebay or Amazon and make a little extra money. :-)

From AMazon: "Message '78" is the greatest Badfinger song that Badfinger never wrote. Of course, any decent musician can do a copy/cover of another group's sound, but Myracle Brah has packaged it all together into a grand 90's update of a sound that tragically left the airwaves 25 years ago. Clean, ringing guitar and hooks that keep running through your head half the day. All of the other reviews that catalogue Mr. Bopp's influences are right on (Badfinger, Big Star, John Lennon.......does anyone remember The Dwight Twilley Band?)...and I'm certainly thankful that he's around to keep the fire burning for us "oldtimers."
I won't go into a song by song breakdown. but should mention that the songbreak from "Going Crazy" into "Out of Tune" knocks me out every time I hear it. I replayed it 4 times in the car the other day just so my 14 year old son could hear it. Now he's complaining because he can't get these songs out of his head."


"Buy this album now!! The latest offering from Myracle Brah delivers twelve super-delicious tracks, including several POWER-pop rockers such as the lead track, "I'd Rather Be," and the Shazam-like rave up "Going Crazy." All the tracks feature Andy Bopp's amazingly pure vocals, memorable melodies, and powerful guitars.

This album shows a more mature song-writing style and blues-influenced composition than previous MB efforts, in my opinion. The guitar work and boogie groove on "Hey Now," for example, harken back to the best rock-pop of yesteryear, recalling (but not reproducing) songs by Rod Stewart, Cheap Trick, and others.

The album also includes several dreamy ballads to offer a moment of relaxation between the more driven numbers. Fans of The Shazam, Sloan, Todd Rundgren, and Mott The Hoople should enjoy this album."