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What I wrote back in 2009:

Let`s get two things out of the way. One, you need to hear this album - really, you do. "Miles"is one of 2009s brightest stars. Two, Miles is the son of Cheap Trick lead guitarist, Rick. You know him but you really need to know Miles. While the apple does not fall far from this music tree, the maturity, confidence and songwriting accomplishment that appears on "Miles" is an achievement that stands strong, proudly on its own. Miles Nielsen stirs up his own pop rock brand of Beatles-eque Cosmic Americana. Pop rock arrangements and sunny melodies tucked between a long lost country folk steel guitar floating through speakers around crashing drums, bouncing bass lines and smooth as butter keys. The power pop world needs to be alight and a buzz about this one - pure and simple. Every song evokes strong feelings and pinpoint melodies mining all kinds of classic influences showing immense good taste and the restraint to find its own way inside those inspirations. Not an easy thing to do.

"`Beatlesque Cosmic Americana.`That is how Miles Nielsen describes his music and he is right on the money. He has a gruff and ragged voice that still manages to come across as warm and inviting. Musically, Miles uses Beatles bounce, barroom twang, and bells-n-whistles production techniques to create lush pop and folk that plays nicely against the melancholy his songs convey. It is as if Josh Rouse sang for Jellyfish in some alternate universe of goodness." -Chrisr. One of 2009`s very best!