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1979 album and this is a 2001 CD reissue w/ 3 bonus trax. Some absolutely excellent trax on here. Goes for $25+ now because folks are finally starting realize this is an overlooked album bythese guys.

A much under-appreciated record. As many did when this album was released, I dismissed it as being over-produced and even a sell-out to disco music, then in its heyday. Worse still, it didn't retain anything resembling the original Byrds sound, understandably still cherished by many including myself. After recent listenings I feel altogether differently about the album. First, it has several terrific songs, notably Hillman's "Long, Long Time" and "Surrender to Me," and no less than four superb Clark compositions. These, especially "Feelin Higher," anticipate the reach of Clark's masterpiece album "No Other," which I believe soon followed this record. (Listen for a reference to this album's title in this song.) And his "Release Me, Girl" contains, for my money, some of Clark's most impassioned, recorded singing. Also, the album's song's are rhythmically diverse and experimental, such as the Caribbean inflections of McGuinn's "Don't You Write Her Off" and the reved-up funk of "Release Me, Girl."

I have to say that these three fine artists were ahead of me with this one when it was originally released, but thankfully it wasn't too late to catch up.