MARK JOHNSON - File Under: Mark Johnson and the Wild Alligators

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Very rare Mark Johnson CD, Johnson being of the legendary "12 in a Room" 90s release. "In any case, here's a representative track -- the quite astonishing "Precious Love." Sounding pretty much exactly like it would have if, like moi, you'd been lucky enough to catch a late 70s/early 80s live performance by genuine power pop underground legend Mark Johnson(doing business with The Wild Alligators) at Kenny's Castaways (which is where and approximately when the album cover was photographed, BTW).

A postcript: These guys were -- and remain -- the single most exciting never-signed band I ever saw. Drummer Don Costagno was a monster groove player, guitarist Drew Zing was good enough to later join Steely Dan, Johnson himself was a riveting front man, and the bass guy (on the right in the photo) -- well, I thought he sucked, but that was mostly because I was desperately trying to figure out how to weasel my way into the band, which never happened. I've forgiven Mark for that lapse in judgement, obviously, if for no other reason than I wouldn't have been motivated to join The Floor Models"- Power Pop Blogspot.