MARK HELM - Everything's OK

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One of the most overlooked releases in the Not Lame catalog, probably because it was not power pop and was beautifully, transcendentally on the dark-ish side.

* “Elegant…more hooks than a fly fisherman’s vest…”The Washington Post

* Everything’s OK: a brilliantly diverse collection of harmonies, humor, horror and hope.”

* “Mark Helm…writes the kind of ballads that put a smile on the face of blind ambition.”The Los Angeles Times

*The complete package: the vocal harmonies, the soothing melodies, the shining hooks, and bouncy, jangly mindset….and Mark Helm reassures you that there are great songwriters out there that still care about giving the listener the complete package…”In Music We Trust

* “Often recalling Neil Young and even (dare I suggest it) Brian Wilson at their most sublime, Mark Helm offers a series of songs which reveal themselves to be near crystalline in their unashamedly fragile beauty, (and) pure, simple majesty. In other words? This is an album that deserves to be heard far, wide, and as often as possible.”Dead Flowers

Now, what I wrote....

"Soul Music -- Nope, this is not that kind `o soul, but “Everything`s OK” is one of those moving, deeply personal recordings that will seep into your soul, exposing bitter struggles, life-threatening weaknesses, and ultimately, a break in the clouds. Evoking the transcendent spirit of such artists as Badly Drawn Boy, Elliot Smith, Mark Eitzel (American Music Club), Grant Lee Phillips, and The Eels. Mark Helm`s searching musical phrasings whisper inside a chilly private room, hinting at the darkness inside a life shot through by loss, love, and addiction. Think Big Star`s “Sister Lovers” meets Neil Young`s “Tonight`s the Night” (with the spirit of The Beatles and Brian Wilson popping in and out) and you`ll hit the mark. “Everything`s OK” is a soundtrack of the soul. “Helm serves up the kind of ballads that put a smile on the face of blind ambition”-LA Times. Slain in the spirit of refreshing originality with no pretense for fame or fortune, Helm is a writer for the ages --Bruce Brodeen (; Not Lame Recordings, President)