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From 3007, here's what Not Lame wrote back then, impossible to find, sadly in any format. The leader has totally disappeared - again.

10 years in the making, the follow up to "Soon" (which is now available once again and on this site) has....ARRIVED! Trust me, you`ve not heard a band quite like Lollipop Factory - and that is a cool `n good thing! "If Queen married Queens of the Stone Age and they honeymooned with a circus, they might sound like Lollipop Factory -- an audacious duo that plays near-pompous, high-powered, harmony-laced rock with a winking sense of humor and madcap glee." - Erie News-Times. "Channeling influences like `Ziggy Stardust`-era David Bowie, Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi and Jack White, Lollipop Factory combines heavy guitar riffs and drums with Freddie Mercury-esque vocals." - St. Joseph Times. ""Lollipop Factory plays boisterous rock that`s part Black Sabbath, part Jellyfish." - Lansing State Journal. "The fact that they pull it all off as a two piece should be enough to send the wannabes back to the ol` drawing board with tear stained hankies and Jo-Ann fabrics patterns for spandex stripey pants. Not to mention a years supply of 70s Glam rock & show tunes CDs to study. (I`ve got mine right here. Moms is sewing the stripes on my Jazzercise pants as I type)The band`s guitarist and vocalist David Tweed says of their catalogue, "I don`t even think of our songs as real songs. They`re more like bombastic, frankensteined pop-metal contraptions."- Matt Truman.

The pair(LP includes drummer and vocalist Bekah Manning) have been touring non-stop since July, 2008, criss-crossing the eastern half of the United States in their RV and performing for a growing and loyal fanbase. "We knew if we traded our rent for gas money, we could make this work doing it full time," said Tweed. "So we bought an RV. It`s kind of a pioneer lifestyle. The RV is like our covered wagon." It seems that this decision to hit the road full time is paying off. "People are coming back to see us," says Tweed. People are often surprised at the fullness of sound for a two-piece band. Tweed says the trick is `a little smoke and mirrors,` which includes, witnessed North Carolina musician Corbie Hill "a deceptively simple pedalboard... a wah and two Boss OC-3s. Also, he played through what appeared to be at least sixty amps." But, notes Tweed, "We don`t use loop stations. Every note you hear is actually being played, no backing tracks, no prerecorded harmonies,"he says."They sound like Jellyfish performing a Satanic Majesty`s request for a fuzz pedal cabaret or Queen melting in lava while Kenneth Anger films the whole ordeal in a lurid over exposed 8mm. YES, they do. Honestly, words won`t do! Must be seen to be believed. If you miss it, you will regret it, that`s all I`m sayin`..." - Matt Truman. While not for everyone, yes there`s many, many of you that will venture happily to the cliff of adventure in pop and, joyfully, jump, lemming-like over the cliff into the sea of such rock `n pop abandon.