LMNOP - Pound

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Truly a one of kind band. A one man show, playing all the instruments, that one man is Steve Fievet who has been called, get this, "A cross between Alex Chilton and the Bay City Rollers is a pop music love zest nest"-Sound Wire. Not far off...personally, LMNOP bring to mind, for these ears, a combination of early They Might Be Giants and Shoes from their "Black Vinyl Shoes"-era. There`s 40 songs here on Pound. Yes, 40. I`d say the average time is about 1 minute, 30 seconds. Perfect, compact (obviously), tuneful, sturdy hookiness....let`s call it Twinkie Pop. Or not! Like all their releases, it`s actually kinda bubblegummy with a dark-ish cynical streak (Lyrically). But it`s almost always funny in a thought-provoking way. What it is is, for sure, is a lot of unique fun. "Perky arrangements w/ rich guitar tracks, adorable vocal harmonies and febrile (?) invention." Trouser Press. This is quintessential alternative pop packed w/ intelligence and enthusiasm but with a angry, dark edge lyrically.

"1996`s Pound is a 40-song onslaught of sheer weirdness that enthralls and disturbs in roughly equal measures. By this point in Stephen Fievet`s career, his deliberately tasteless comic strip Babysue was taking most of his time, and the calculated-to-offend aesthetic of that strip informs part of this album, as in the self-explanatory song title "Retarded F*#ker" and the urban legend-based "KKK Crown."..The thing is, Fievet is such a dead pan put-on artist that it`s impossible to tell if Pound is the work of a singer/songwriter who is slowly losing his grip on reality or perhaps just another of Fievet`s style exercises. Either way, those who can`t deal with solo Roky Erickson or Syd Barrett records should probably stick to LMNOP`s more innocuous early records. Four of the tracks were on 1993`s cassette-only release Mnemonic."-AMG.