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Original Review On Not Lame: "Only available here and specially offered to Not Lamers, this band produced 12 song debut CD-R is filled with truly outstanding power pop that will appeal to fans of such recent faves as Checkpoint Charley, Getaway Car and older ones like Umajets(translation: there`s some Jellyfish influence in here) and . "Beautiful World" does the impossible mixing Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson with Wondermints and, yes, Jellyfish. "Everything You Read" is ambitious with its musical destination, while "Shake Hands" is about as classic of a depiction of modern-day power pop! While this is a debut and the band is clearly finding its grounding and artistic footing, Little Purple Circles asserts itself confidently on each of the trax here and harkens, not hinting, of great things to come while this mini-gem glitters on porch waiting to to bust through the door. Extremely Highly Recommended!"