KING RADIO - Mission Orange EP

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Absolutely one of THE rarest Not Lame label CDs - no question. I"m not letting it go for a song(sic), either. There was only 200 of these made up.

200. That is IT. About 18 months ago, I found a copy. Found another one a few months ago. Pretty sure, it's got to be the last other than my own personal copy.

This is truly for collectors and completists only. You think I'm shittin' ya when I say that you just are not going to be able to find it - period. Because it's true. For the special person who looks at this and realizes that this one is a 'DUH!" purchase - bless you because you honor me and I honor you by not charging more than I should - and you know it.

A great 7-song EP musically, too. "4 stars. Four years after its promising debut album, Boston's King Radio is back with a short and satisfying EP loaded with great pop songs. "Up on Blocks" is a punchy track with tight vocal harmonies, "Wisconsin" is a lovely mid-tempo weeper, and "Dumb Ideas" is a rocker with more cool vocal harmonies. Harmonies are definitely one of King Radio's strengths, Frank Padellro's lead vocals are another. King Radio is in the same ballpark as the Mayflies USA, the Bigger Lovers, or maybe a harder-rockingPernice Brothers -- bands with strong melodic sensibilities, great singers, and songs you'll find yourself singing along with before the song is half-over. This EP marks the welcome return of an underrated band." AMG