KING RADIO - Mr. K Is Dead Go Home

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King Radio released one of the rarest releasees on Not Lame back in 2002, an EP which saw a pressing of 250 copies. This was the release that grabbed my attention to work out something w/ them.

"Not many folks really get the roots-rock/power-pop connection, but there's a generation of musicians out there who are old enough to have heard the Raspberries, the Stones, and the Band played back to back on the radio, and young enough to have jumbled them all together in their heads at the time. Bands who combine these influences and get it right, like Velvet Crush, are typically and unjustly rewarded with commercial failure, but that's not stopping Boston's Tar Hut label. Its fifth release, Mr. K Is Dead, Go Home, is by Northampton's King Radio, the brainchild of former Scud Mountain Boy Frank Padellaro (guitar/vocals)." - Boston Pheonix

"4 stars. With strong harmonies, power-pop hooks galore and a quirky sense of song structure and arrangement, King Radio comes to bat with a strong debut opus. There's a little bit of everything in their stylistic mix: odd, "trippy" effects such as stereo cross-fades appearing in mid-song, grungy garage-rock guitar tones against crystalline harmonies against pop hooks delivered like an '80s punk/new wave band at times. The overall effect is familiar yet totally unique with a sound that keeps drawing you in from track to track, each song creating its own soundscape. Highlights include "Karen's Intro (Nice Day for a Funeral)," "Karen," "Tract House Queen," "Probate," "Flagrante Delicto," "King of the Food Court," "Cadillacs In Heaven" and "Every Dog Has Its Day." Good writing, good singing, good playing, worth checking out."-AMG