KEATS - Plus... (import feat. Colin Blunstone, Alan Parsons)

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Import reissue featuring Colin Blunstone and produced by Alan Parsons, still sealed and wee bit on the rare-ish side. (goes for $20 on Amazon)

"I'm not sure why I waited so long to get this album. It's produced by Alan Parsons, who is my favorite musician/producer and it has musicians that sung on his albums so it just seemed natural to get it and complete my collection. It was worth it. As for the songs, "Tragedy," in particular, I found similar to "Somebody Out There" from Vulture Culture (released the same year - 1984). Both tracks feature Colin Blunstone on vocals and have similar chorus lines. I also love the smooth - sounding "Walking on Ice" as well as the driving "Turn Your Heart Around." I have to agree with other reviews here. These songs will totally stick in your head for hours as I found myself whistling them while at work the other day. Blunstone sings lead on every track save for "Walking On Ice," which is sung by David Paton (who sang lead on such songs as "Children of the Moon" from Eye in the Sky). Basically, this is similar to a "project" album, but without longtime collaborators Eric Woolfson or Andrew Powell, which is why it isn't labeled as such. Finally, I'm no musician, but I fail to see why people are labeling this a "pop" album, or an attempt at pop, as opposed to rock. The songs here are no different from any song on the Alan Parsons Project albums, which, as far as I'm concerned, are straight up rock (particularly "Tragedy" and "Turn Your Heart Around"). They have that distinctive "project" sound to them, just like "Vulture Culture" and "Stereotomy," which is all Parsons, and no one else. If you liked those albums, you'll like KEATS. Other songs that stood out for me and have a "project" feel are "Give it Up" and "Ask No Questions." I recommend this album to all Project fans."Amazonn